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Border Gateway Protocol, Route Manipulation, and IP Multicast

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Anthony Bruno and Steve Jordan covers the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), route summarization and redistribution of route information between routing protocols, policy-based routing (PBR), and IP multicast protocols for use in preparation for the CCDA exam.
This chapter is from the book

This chapter covers the following subjects

  • BGP
  • Route Manipulation
  • IP Multicast Review

This chapter covers the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), which is used to exchange routes between autonomous systems. It is most frequently used between enterprises and service providers. The "Route Manipulation" section covers route summarization and redistribution of route information between routing protocols. The CCDA should know where redistribution occurs when required by the network design. This chapter also reviews policy-based routing (PBR) as a method to change the destination IP address based on policies. Finally, this chapter covers IP multicast protocols.

"Do I Know This Already?" Quiz

The purpose of the "Do I Know This Already?" quiz is to help you decide whether you need to read the entire chapter. If you intend to read the entire chapter, you do not necessarily need to answer these questions now.

The eight-question quiz, derived from the major sections in the "Foundation Topics" portion of the chapter, helps you determine how to spend your limited study time.

Table 12-1 outlines the major topics discussed in this chapter and the "Do I Know This Already?" quiz questions that correspond to those topics.

Table 12-1. "Do I Know This Already?" Foundation Topics Section-to-Question Mapping

Foundation Topics Section

Questions Covered in This Section


1, 2, 7, 8

Route Manipulation

3, 4

IP Multicast Review

5, 6

  1. What protocol do you use to exchange IP routes between autonomous systems?

    1. IGMP
    2. eBGP
    3. IGRP
    4. OSPF
  2. What is the current version of BGP?

    1. BGP Version 2
    2. BGP Version 3
    3. BGP Version 4
    4. BGP Version 1
  3. Where should routes be summarized?

    1. On the core routers
    2. On the distribution routers
    3. On the access routers
    4. None of the above
  4. What is PBR?

    1. Public-Broadcast Routing
    2. Private-Based Routing
    3. Policy-Broadcast Routing
    4. Policy-Based Routing
  5. What is IGMP?

    1. Interior Group Management Protocol
    2. Internet Group Management Protocol
    3. Interior Gateway Routing Protocol
    4. Interior Gateway Media Protocol
  6. How many bits are mapped from the Layer 3 IPv4 multicast address to a Layer 2 MAC address?

    1. 16 bits
    2. 23 bits
    3. 24 bits
    4. 32 bits
  7. What is the administrative distance of eBGP routes?

    1. 20
    2. 100
    3. 110
    4. 200
  8. What is CIDR?

    1. Classful Intradomain Routing
    2. Classful Interior Domain Routing
    3. Classless Intradomain Routing
    4. Classless Interdomain Routing

The answers to the "Do I Know This Already?" quiz appear in Appendix A, "Answers to Chapter 'Do I Know This Already?' Quizzes and Q&A Sections." The suggested choices for your next step are as follows:

  • 6 or less overall score—Read the entire chapter. It includes the "Foundation Topics," "Foundation Summary," and "Q&A" sections.
  • 7 or 8 overall score—If you want more review on these topics, skip to the "Foundation Summary" section and then go to the "Q&A" section. Otherwise, move to the next chapter.
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