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Structure of the Working Copy

Let’s now move to a client machine. If you prefer, you can just create the working copy on the same machine that contains the repository. It’s up to you. The nice thing is that in both cases creating the working copy inherits your hard work in setting up the central repository! I assume that your client machine has mapped a drive letter Y: to the shared repository folder. So, you just need to do the following:

  1. Change to any old work directory; for example, C:\workdir.
  2. Check out the files in the repository with this command:
    svn checkout file:///Y:/repo

At this point, you should have a folder called "guicode" underneath the working copy trunk folder. In other words, the file and folder structure of the working copy should match that of the repository.

Just before looking at update, let’s see how users check changes into the repository.

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