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Is All Telecommunications Traffic Suitable for Recovery via Satellite?

The answer varies, but it is usually "yes" with today’s technology. When you think about it, satellite systems are designed to interoperate with numerous communications technologies because the satellite providers themselves serve everything from container ships to wi-fi hot spots to network television providers. Because as "general-purpose" communications media the providers have to be ready to traffic in whatever package the customer requires, significant expertise may exist in how to best transport your organization’s data after a disaster. At worst, you may be only a "black box" away from a successful recovery. (By "black box" we mean some kind of transcoding or "crossbanding" equipment to take terrestrial-borne data and adapt it to satellite transmission.) More often, recovery planners are amazed to learn that packages and equipment already exist from the satellite providers themselves.

For example, don’t be surprised if after describing the need to transport VoIP packets via satellite the provider says, "We’ve got it. It’s called a Feature Package 10 and here is what it costs." Of course if "Feature Package 10" does not exist yet, it could be a prime opportunity for your provider to nail down its technical specifications and offer it to others. Chances are that if you need it, others do, too. That could be another sales opportunity for the provider, and something that you should use when bargaining for a solution.

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