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Working with Graphics on Different Layers

When you select an object on the Stage, Flash selects the object’s layer in the Timeline. The reverse is also true. When you select a layer in the Timeline, Flash selects all the objects for that layer on the Stage. As you work with objects on different layers, it helps to know how selections work. Unless you lock or hide layers, or lock objects, the objects on all layers, either active or inactive, are available for editing. You can activate a layer and edit objects on inactive layers.

Edit Object on Inactive Layers

  • circle1.jpg Create or open a document with several layers.
  • circle2.jpg Click the Selection tool in the Toolbar.
  • circle3.jpg Select an object on the Stage.

    Flash selects the object’s layer in the Timeline.

  • circle4.jpg Click a blank area of the Stage.

    Flash deselects the object but keeps the active layer.

  • circle5.jpg Make changes to another object in another layer (inactive layer) without actually selecting the object. You can do any of the following:
    • Drag an object’s outline to reshape it.
    • Select a tool on the Toolbar, such as the Paint Bucket tool, and use it to modify the object.

    Flash modifies the object in the inactive layer. The active layer didn’t change. Flash changes active layers only if you select an object.

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