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Using Paint Brush Modes

In addition to size, shape, and color settings for the Paint Brush tool, you can control how the brush behaves when painting on existing shapes and objects on the Stage. Paint Brush modes can restrict the area affected by the tool to fills or selections, empty areas of the Stage or specific shapes. When the Paint Brush tool is selected, a popup menu appears in the Toolbar. Select from the following modes: Paint Normal, Paint Fills, Paint Behind, Paint Selection, and Paint Inside. Each performs a specific operation providing you with varying levels of control as you paint. Flash previews your paint path as you paint, but it only affects the areas you've specified in the Paint modes. When you release the mouse, these previews disappear.

Use Paint Brush Modes

  • circle1.jpg Click the Paint Brush tool in the Toolbar.
  • circle2.jpg Click the Brush Mode popup in the Options area in the Toolbar, and then select from the following:
    • Paint Normal. The brush paints over everything including strokes and other fills.

    • Paint Fills. Painting only affects existing fills and empty areas of the Stage. Strokes are ignored.

    • Paint Behind. The Paint Brush only affects empty areas of the Stage keeping existing lines and fills intact.

    • Paint Selection. Painting only affects the selected areas you define with any of the selection tools.

    • Paint Inside. The Paint Brush only affects the fill of the shape you started in, ignoring other shapes and empty areas on the Stage.

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