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Editing Fills with the Paint Bucket

You can change the fill of an object with the Paint Bucket tool. The Paint Bucket stores the fill color you’ve set in the Toolbar or in the Property Inspector. You can change the fill color of any existing shape on the Stage by touching down on the shape with this tool. You can also add a fill to any shape that has a closed stroke. After you select the Paint Bucket tool, you can select Paint Bucket sensitivity options located at the bottom of the Toolbar.

Use the Paint Bucket

  • circle1.jpg Change the Fill color box in either the Property Inspector, the Colors area of the Toolbar, or the Color Mixer.
  • circle2.jpg Click the Paint Bucket tool in the Toolbar.

    The pointer becomes a small paint bucket.

  • circle3.jpg Click in the fill of a shape on the Stage.

    The fill updates to the new color.

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