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Using Snap Align

Snap Align is a new feature that enables dynamic alignment of art and objects on the Stage. Simply drag an object on the Stage and dashed lines appear that aid you in aligning to the edge or center vertices of other objects on the Stage. In the Edit Snapping dialog box you can enable and disable snap options, set the distance objects to be from the movie borders and from each other before they snap, and save the settings as default. Additionally, you can choose to snap objects to edges or vertical and horizontal centers. Using the Snap Align feature enables you to lay out artwork more precisely and dynamically.

Enable Snap Align

  • circle1.jpg Click the View menu, point to Snapping, and then click Snap Align.

    A check mark appears next to the menu item when Snap Align is enabled.

  • circle2.jpg Drag an object on the Stage.

    Depending on the behaviors set in the Snap Align Settings dialog box, gray dashed lines appear when the edges or center vertices of objects move to within a certain pixel distance.

Configure Snap Align and Save Defaults

  • circle1.jpg Click the View menu, point to Snapping, and then click Edit Snapping.
  • circle2.jpg Select the snap check box options you want to turn on.
  • circle3.jpg Click Advanced.
  • circle4.jpg Select from the following options:
    • Movie Border. Enter a value for the distance an object needs to be before it will snap to the boundaries of the movie (in pixels).

    • Snap Tolerance. Enter a value for horizontal and vertical edge tolerance (in pixels).

    • Center Alignment. Select the check boxes to center alignment on horizontal or vertical vertices or both.

  • circle5.jpg To make the snap align setting the default for future use, click Save Default.
  • circle6.jpg Click OK.
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