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On Architecture: Goodness of Fit

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  1. On Architecture: Goodness of Fit
  2. Inventing Fortran
  3. An "ideal" architecture?
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Grady Booch interviews Fortran inventor John Backus, which leads Grady to ask, does an "ideal" software architecture exist for any given domain?
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On behalf of the Computer History Museum and the ACM, I recently traveled to Oregon to interview John Backus. John led the IBM team that created Fortran in the 1950s. He went on to coinvent the Backus-Naur Form (which was first applied to the definition of Algol), then later pioneered important advances in functional programming. For the museum, this interview was part of their oral-history program; for the ACM, it was part of their effort to interview every Turing Award winner (John received the award in 1977).

John and I covered a lot of ground in our interview. Now in his 80s, John is bright and energetic, with a number of fascinating stories regarding his contributions to the field. Three things in particular stood out from our conversation.

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