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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Chatting with Other Users Via Streams

Another way to participate in the YouTube community is to chat with other viewers in real-time, using YouTube's new Streams feature. Streams lets you watch a video with a group of other users, and chat with those users while you're watching.

The main Streams page, shown in Figure 12.22, lists the currently active Streams. To join a Stream, simply click the Stream name. Alternatively, you can start a new Stream by clicking the Create Your Own Stream link.

Figure 12.22

Figure 12.22 Viewing YouTube Streams.

When you join a Stream, you see a page like the one shown in Figure 12.23. The currently playing video is shown in the main video player window; the other users in the Stream are listed to the right of the video; chat comments are listed even farther right; and the playlist of videos in the Stream is displayed above all. Enter your chat messages in the message box on the bottom right; press the Enter button to post your message. It's a fun way to watch videos as a group!

Figure 12.23

Figure 12.23 Chatting about videos in a YouTube Stream.

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