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Watching Video Podcasts

Not all podcasts are audio podcasts. There is now such a thing as a video podcast, which is—as you might suspect—a short podcast-like video broadcast. Video podcasts are typically a bit more professional than audio ones, due simply to the higher production costs of creating videos. Audio podcasts can be created by anybody with a cheap microphone and a computer; video podcasts require a video camera and video recording and editing equipment.

The iTunes Store includes a good selection of video podcasts, located near the bottom of the Podcasts Directory page. You can download and subscribe to video podcasts the same way as you do their audio siblings; downloaded video podcasts are also stored in the Podcasts section of your iTunes library, and automatically transferred to your iPod—assuming you have a video-capable iPod, that is. (Figure 8.6 shows a series page for a typical video podcast.)

Figure 8.6

Figure 8.6 A video podcast, available from the iTunes Store.

To play a video podcast in iTunes, highlight the podcast and click Play. (Or just double-click the podcast title.) This opens a new playback window, as shown in Figure 8.7, which operates like iTunes' other video playback windows.

Figure 8.7

Figure 8.7 Viewing a video podcast in iTunes.

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