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Finding and Subscribing to Other Podcasts on the Web

Even though the iTunes Store offers many thousands of podcasts, that's still a small fraction of all the podcasts available on the Web. Fortunately, Apple still lets you manage non-iTunes podcasts from the iTunes software.

Finding More Podcasts

First things first. Where can you find more podcasts on the Web?

The best way to find more podcasts is to use a podcast directory. Some of the most useful sites are as follows:

You might have to use more than one podcast directory to find any specific podcast; not all directories list all podcasts from all authors.

Subscribing to Other Podcasts

When you find a podcast you like outside of iTunes, it's relatively easy to add a subscription to that podcast to the iTunes software. iTunes will then track that podcast series and automatically download new episodes as they come available.

The easiest way to subscribe to a non-iTunes podcast is to use your web browser to open the page for that specific podcast. Use your mouse to drag the URL for that page onto the Podcasts item in the Library section of the iTunes Source pane. The podcast is now added to your podcast subscription list.

Alternatively, you can select Advanced > Subscribe to Podcast in iTunes. This displays the Subscribe to Podcast dialog box, shown in Figure 8.3. Enter the URL for the podcast into the URL box, and then click OK.

Figure 8.3

Figure 8.3 Subscribing to a non-iTunes podcast.

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