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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Previewing Web Pages

Because each browser can display your site differently, you will want to examine your site using several of the most popular browser formats and different sizes. When you are ready to see how your page will look to visitors, click the Preview in Browser button arrow on the Common toolbar and then select a browser and a window size. When you select a browser, the program starts and displays your Web page as you would see it on the Web. If you want to add additional browsers to the list, you can select them using the Edit Browser List dialog box. You can also simulate the page size of a browser as you work in Design view by selecting different page sizes on the Page Sizes submenu on the View menu.

Add Browsers to the Preview

  • circle1.jpg Click the File menu, point to Preview in Browser, and then click Edit Browser List.
  • circle2.jpg Click Add.

    The Add Browser dialog box opens.

  • circle3.jpg Type the browser’s name.
  • circle4.jpg Click Browse.
  • circle5.jpg Navigate to the location where the browser program is stored, select it, and then click Open.
  • circle6.jpg Click OK.
  • circle7.jpg To automatically save a Web page before previewing, select the Automatically save page before previewing check box.
  • circle8.jpg To specify the window sizes you want, select the 640 × 480, 800 × 600, or 1024 × 768 check boxes.
  • circle9.jpg Click OK.

Preview a Web Page Using a Browser

  • circle1.jpg Open the Web page you want to preview.
  • circle2.jpg Click the Preview in Browser button arrow.
  • circle3.jpg Click the browser with the specific size you want to use to preview your site or page.
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