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Viewing Google Maps

For many users, the most useful Google Mobile service is Google Maps. It’s great to be able to access street maps, satellite maps, driving directions, and real-time traffic information from the convenience of your mobile phone—especially when you’re driving in your car!

To access Google Maps for the first time, go to the Google Mobile home page on your cell phone and select Maps. This accesses and downloads the Google Maps application. Once downloaded, you can access Google Maps from the web application menu on your phone.

Using Google Maps on your mobile phone is a snap. When you press the Menu button on your phone’s keypad, you see the following options:

1     Find Business

2     Find Location

3     Directions

4     Satellite View

5     Clear Map

6     Zoom

7     Help

#     Show Traffic

0     Quit

You can select an option from the menu, or press the keypad button corresponding to that option.

Google Maps launches with a map of North America. That’s well and good, but you probably want to look at something a little closer up. Display the Google Maps menu and select Find Location, and you’re prompted to enter an address (or select a recent or favorite address). You can enter a specific street address, a city, a state, or a Zip code; when your press OK, Google displays a map of the selected location.

Once the map is displayed, you scroll the map up or sideways by using the direction buttons on your phone’s keypad. To zoom closer, press the OK or center select button on your keypad; to zoom out, press the Zoom - softkey.

Alternately, you can opt to display a satellite image of the selected area. Just select Satellite View from the menu, and the map switches from a street map to a satellite map.

Once you’ve entered a location, you can save that location as a favorite for future use, so you don’t have to type in the location’s name each time. Just press 1 on your phone’s keypad and select Save as a Favorite from the pop-up menu.

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