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Is It a Myth?

So, if Mac OS X has a series of vulnerabilities, does that mean Mac users who believe their computers are completely safe and without need of security precautions are wrong? Yes. Like any operating system, Mac OS X has its share of exploitable weaknesses.

Does it mean that the Mac is completely unsecured and is as likely to suffer the level of threats that Windows does? No. There will probably never be the same breadth of effort to target Mac OS X as there is with Windows. As such, there will probably always be some security by obscurity. But that doesn’t mean that there will remain as small a number of actual threats as there are today. Apple’s move to Intel hardware will make it easier to write or convert the existing payloads of malicious code to targets Mac OS X.

Because of the differences between Mac OS X and Windows, it is somewhat easier to secure a Mac than it is to secure Windows and to maintain that security. This means that although Mac users will likely continue to enjoy more security, they do need to know that they are not immune to threats and should be concerned with ensuring that they protect their computers.

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