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We’ve done a lot in this article. We talked about stylus technology. I’ve taken you through the basics of working with the TabletPC in terms of the GUI. Then we looked at doing handwriting recognition programmatically using Ink internals. Finally, I showed you how to save and retrieve Ink using the Ink Serialization format. Moving forward, there is a lot more to cover. A Stroke uses a much higher image resolution than standard graphics. Accommodating this difference takes a bit of practice. Also, scaling Ink to larger and smaller images requires you to learn some new transformation techniques.

TabletPC is not going away. In fact, as we move more and more to the paperless enterprise, whether using TabletPC to do x-ray mark up or to enter flight information in an aircraft cockpit, you’ll find the ability to program in TabletPC to be an indispensable skill today and for years to come.

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