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Moka5 Quick FAQs

This is a young product from a young company that is living the high-tech dream that so many want. I think you might enjoy some company information. It seems to be a company as fun and as innovative as their product. The information in the FAQ below is from some emails exchanged with the CEO, Monica Lam.

  • Why the name Moka5? We just want something short and memorable: chocolate, coffee that is hard to beat. Why 5? We saved a lot of money each year because our domain name is like $9.99 a year.
  • What is your vision for Moka5? We share Sun’s vision: "the network is the computer." Your entire state sits in the cloud, so it is not trapped on any particular machine. The USB drive is just a network accelerator—it caches enough state so you can work offline, and at the same time, you don’t have to worry about losing it because the state is available on the network. [Not sure Sun can take credit for the Network/Computer concept... The juxtaposition is too much like McLuhan’s statement on the modern age viz. mass media. My views only–Author]
  • What is your product plan? Your immediate game plan is to have two versions: (a) a free community version that you can download, and (b) a paid professional version that provides access control and support, and so on.
  • What is your goal with this product and serving businesses? Our goal is to simplify computing. Our solution is useful for enterprise, SMBs, and consumers. Companies can manage large numbers of employees’ home computers easily, recover from disaster very quickly, and protect their data from laptop thefts by using USB drives with encryption. Universities can provide an educational environment to students without paying for expensive hardware labs and manpower to administer them. Consumers get access to new and managed computing environments trivially and can try out all kinds of software safely.
  • Will there be a business offering, a special website? Our community portal allows the community to share contents publicly and companies/institutions to share privately.
  • How might Moka5 improve security? We want to encourage Internet cafe owners and companies to install our livePC engine. There is no need to install any other software or turn on system administration privileges. Users can disable administration privilege and allow users or employees to run their own environments, all sandboxed and kept separate from the host computer. Virtualization is the only solution that allows recovery from zero-day root kit exploits instantaneously.

Enjoy Moka5. It’s staking out some very interesting territory. Maybe your next PC won’t be a PC it all. It may be some old USB drive or mobile device now gathering dust in a corner.

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