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The Authors’ and the Book’s Heritage

Marketing That Works is possibly the best of both the academic and practical approaches to marketing issues—it comes from the intersection of both approaches. This book got started as a by-product of the entrepreneurial marketing course that Len Lodish developed at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. In the class, MBA students worked in groups to develop marketing plans for entrepreneurial ventures they were possibly starting. Along with the instructors’ comments on how marketing could be used to help entrepreneurial ventures, the students were exposed to successful entrepreneurs who spoke and answered questions. In the nine years since the course was begun, over 30 different entrepreneurs have come to share their experiences. A favored presenter in each semester was Howard Morgan, who has over 25 years experience with over 30 high-tech ventures as a consultant, director, sometimes executive, and financial resource. Shellye Archambeau was one of the first entrepreneurs to speak with the entrepreneurial marketing class when it was given at Wharton’s San Francisco campus. Shellye was really elegant in showing how basic entrepreneurial marketing concepts, methods, and paradigms are useful at both large and small firms—from IBM to MetricStream, where she is currently the CEO. Len Lodish has over 30 years of applying marketing and strategic thinking to entrepreneurial ventures. One of Len’s early entrepreneurial ventures has become Information Resources, Inc (IRI). As a corporate director and consultant to IRI, Len has worked with many of the major packaged goods firms to improve their marketing productivity—including Procter & Gamble, Pepsico, and Campbell’s.

This book’s intellectual parent is the first book that came out of Wharton’s entrepreneurial marketing class: Entrepreneurial Marketing: Lessons from Wharton’s Pioneering MBA Course, by Len Lodish, Howard Morgan, and Amy Kallianpur. This book updates many of the concepts, methods, and paradigms from that book and expands them for application by any size firm that wants to make more money by acting like a successful entrepreneurial marketer.

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