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The solutions to the following exercises can be found at my Web site, http://www.randyconnolly.com/core. Additional exercises only available for teachers and instructors are also available from this site.

  1. Create a page named PropertyTester.aspx. This page should allow the user to dynamically change various appearance properties of some sample controls on the page, as shown in Figure 6.18. Ideally, the code-behind class uses an instance of the Style class as a data member, whereas event handlers simply modify this instance and apply it to the controls.

    Figure 6.18

    Figure 6.18 PropertyTester.aspx

  2. Create a new theme to be used by the ThemeTester.aspx example from Listing 6.3.

  3. Create a master page named ThreeColumns.master that contains a header, three content columns, and a footer. The three columns should each contain a Content control. Create a demonstration page that uses this master.

  4. Create a user control named ThemeSelector.ascx that allows the user to change the theme used on the page. This control should only display themes that exist. Create a demonstration page that uses this user control.

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