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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Navigating Between Folders

The Address bar (New!) appears at the top of every Explorer window and displays the current location on your computer or network. The location appears as a series of links separated by arrows. You can change your current location by either typing a new location—even a Web address on the Internet—or selecting one using the Address bar. You can also use the Back and Forward buttons to the left of the Address bar to switch between locations you have previously visited.

Navigate to a Location

  • Click a location. Use either of the following methods:
    • Visible folder location. To go directly to a location visible in the Address bar, click the location name.
    • Visible subfolder location. To go to a subfolder of a location visible in the Address bar, click the arrow to the right, and then click the location name.
  • Type a location. Click a blank space (to the right of text) in the Address bar, and then type the complete folder name or path to the location, and then press Enter.

    You can type common locations and then press Enter. The common locations include: Computer, Contacts, Control Panel, Documents, Favorites, Games, Music, Pictures, Recycle Bin, and Videos.

    If you type a Web address (URL) in the Address bar, the Explorer window switches to Internet Explorer.

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