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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Changing the Explorer Layout


Windows Vista gives you the option to customize the layout for each Explorer window depending on the information the window contains. The layout (New!) for each Explorer window includes a Menu Bar, Details pane, Preview pane, and Navigation pane. The Details and Navigation panes appear by default. Some Explorer windows, such as the personal folder labeled with your user account name, also include a Search Pane, which you can use. The Organize menu shows or hides the layout elements. If you prefer working with menus like the previous version of Windows, you can show the Menu Bar and use traditional menus.

Change the Explorer Layout

  • yellow_circle_1.gif Open the folder window you want to change.
  • yellow_circle_2.gif Click the Organize button, and then point to Layout.
  • yellow_circle_3.gif Select the layout item you want to show or hide: Menu Bar, Search Pane, Details Pane, Preview Pane, or Navigation Pane.

    Layout options vary depending on the type of Explorer window.

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