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Publishing a Web Site

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Username and Password Not Accepted

I'm publishing my site to my host and my username and password aren't being accepted. I know they're right and I know that my host has the FrontPage Server Extensions installed. What could be wrong?

The FrontPage Server Extensions recognize different levels of access to a site. If you are entering the correct information and publishing has never worked, it's possible that your host has not granted you proper permissions.

Contact your host and tell them to make sure you have permission to author against your Web site.

FrontPage Server Extensions Aren't Installed

My host promises me that the FrontPage Server Extensions are installed, but when I try to publish, I keep getting a message telling me that the FrontPage Server Extensions aren't installed.

It's possible that the permissions on the remote Web site are not set correctly. This can prevent Expression Web from being able to tell if the FrontPage Server Extensions are installed. If Expression Web can't tell that the FrontPage Server Extensions are installed, it will assume that they aren't.

Use Ethereal or Fiddler and see what you can turn up. If you see something that looks out of the ordinary, send it to your host.

FrontPage Server Extensions Are Used Instead of WebDAV

I'm publishing to my Web site using WebDAV, but I'm getting a message saying that the FrontPage Server Extensions aren't installed. Do I need the FrontPage Server Extensions to publish using WebDAV?

No. The FrontPage Server Extensions and WebDAV are mutually exclusive. That means that if the FrontPage Server Extensions are installed on the Web server, you can't publish using WebDAV. As soon as you try and publish using HTTP, the Web server will expect you to use the FrontPage Server Extensions.

If you are getting an error about the FrontPage Server Extensions when publishing via WebDAV, it indicates that the FrontPage Server Extensions are installed on the site and you cannot use WebDAV to publish. Contact your host and let them know that you want to remove the FrontPage Server Extensions and use WebDAV instead.

Content Missing after Publishing

I've published my content using FTP, but when I browse my Web site, nothing's there. Have I lost everything?

You haven't lost everything. Chances are you just uploaded information to the wrong directory. Your host has a specific directory that contains your Web site's files. Most of the time, you are automatically placed into that directory when you log in. However, in some cases, you will need to specify the directory within Expression Web in the FTP Directory textbox.

Ask your host for the directory you should be using when publishing.

HTML Optimization Doesn't Affect Web Files

I've made some changes to the HTML Optimization feature in Expression Web, but when I check the code in my pages, nothing has changed.

Many of the comments and other special code that gets cleaned out as a function of HTML optimization are actually needed by Expression Web while you are creating your pages. Therefore, Expression Web will only optimize the HTML when you publish your Web site. The local files will remain unchanged.

Ethereal Captures Nothing

I'm trying to use Ethereal to capture network traffic on my wireless network card. It doesn't seem to be capturing anything at all. What could be wrong?

You should be able to capture against your wireless network card, but you might need to disable promiscuous mode.

In the Capture Interfaces dialog shown previously in Figure 3.15, click the Prepare button and then uncheck the Capture Packets in Promiscuous Mode checkbox in the Capture Options dialog.

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