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Adding and Removing Subtotals

Subtotals are undeniably an essential feature of pivot table reporting. Sometimes you may want to suppress the display of subtotals, and other times you may want to show more than one subtotal per field.

Suppress Subtotals When You Have Many Row Fields

When you have many row fields in your report, subtotals can mire your view. Take the example in Figure 3.30. You might want to suppress the subtotals for the Market and Product Line fields.

Figure 3.30

Figure 3.30 Sometimes you don't need subtotals at every level.

To remove subtotals for the Product Line field, click on the Product Line field in the drop zone section of the PivotTable Field List. Choose Field Settings. In the Field Settings dialog box, choose None under Subtotals, as shown in Figure 3.31.

Figure 3.31

Figure 3.31 Choose None to remove subtotals at the Product Line level.

Repeat this step for other row fields. After repeating these steps for Market, you'll find the report in Figure 3.32 to be much easier on the eyes.

Figure 3.32

Figure 3.32 After specifying None for two fields, you give the report a cleaner look.

Adding Multiple Subtotals for One Field

You can add customized subtotals to a row or column label field. Select the Region field in the drop zone of the PivotTable Field List and choose Field Settings.

In the Field Settings dialog box, choose Custom and select the types of subtotals you would like to see. The dialog box in Figure 3.33 shows five subtotals selected for the Region field.

Figure 3.33

Figure 3.33 By selecting the Custom option in the Subtotals section, you can specify multiple subtotals for one field.

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