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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Creating SmartArt Graphics

WD07S-3.1.1, WD07S-3.2.5, EX07S-4.4.2, PP07S-3.1.1, PP07S-3.1.2, PP07S-3.2.1

SmartArt graphics (New!) allow you to create diagrams that convey processes or relationships. Office provides a wide variety of built-in SmartArt graphic types, including graphical lists, process, cycle, hierarchy, relationship, matrix, and pyramid. Using built-in SmartArt graphics makes it easy to create and modify charts without having to create them from scratch. To quickly see if you like a SmartArt graphic layout, point to a thumbnail in the gallery to display a live preview (New!) of it in the selected shape. If you like it, you can apply it.

Create a SmartArt Graphic

yellow_circle_1.gif Click the Insert tab.

yellow_circle_2.gif Click the SmartArt button.

yellow_circle_3.gif In the left pane, click a category, such as All, List, Process, Cycle, Hierarchy, Relationship, Matrix, or Pyramid.

yellow_circle_4.gif In the middle pane, click a SmartArt graphic style type.

yellow_circle_5.gif Click OK.

The SmartArt graphic appears in the document.

SmartArt Graphic Purposes




Show non-sequential information


Show steps in a process or timeline


Show a continual process


Show a decision tree or create an organization chart


Illustrate connections


Show how parts relate to a whole


Show proportional relationships up and down

yellow_circle_6.gif Click the Text Pane button, or click the control with two arrows along the left side of the selection to show the Text pane.

yellow_circle_7.gif Label the shapes by doing one of the following:

  • Type text in the [Text] box.

    You can use the arrow keys to move around the Text pane, or use the Promote or Demote buttons to indent.

  • At the end of a line, press Enter to insert a line (shape), or select line text, and then press Delete to remove a line (shape).
  • Click a shape, and then type text directly into the shape.

yellow_circle_8.gif When you’re done, click outside of the SmartArt graphic.

Convert Text to a SmartArt Graphic

yellow_circle_1.gif In PowerPoint, select the text box with the text you want to convert to a SmartArt graphic.

yellow_circle_2.gif Click the Home tab.

yellow_circle_3.gif Click the Convert to SmartArt Graphic button.

The gallery displays layouts designed for bulleted lists.

yellow_circle_4.gif To view the entire list of layout, click More SmartArt Graphics.

yellow_circle_5.gif Point to a layout.

A live preview (New!) of the style appears in the current shape.

yellow_circle_6.gif Click the layout for the SmartArt graphic you want from the gallery to apply it to the selected shape.

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