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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Creating a Monthly Statement

It’s not unusual to have some customers who don’t pay their bills on time. If you have customers like this, you probably want to send them a reminder that they owe you money. The monthly statement lists outstanding invoices and also provides you with an opportunity to assess a finance charge.

  • orange_circle_1.gif Select Customers, Create Statements.
  • orange_circle_2.gif Indicate the date that will appear on the statement.
  • orange_circle_3.gif Choose dates in the Statement Period From fields, or choose All Open Transactions as of Statement Date to create a statement for all outstanding invoices.
  • orange_circle_4.gif If you choose to prepare statements for all outstanding invoices, check this box to limit the statements to invoices more than a designated number of days overdue.
  • orange_circle_5.gif Select the customers who will receive statements. If you select any option other than All Customers, you can then select the specific customers who will receive statements.
  • orange_circle_6.gif Select a template to use for the statements from the Template drop-down list.
  • orange_circle_7.gif Choose between creating one statement per customer or one statement per job.
  • orange_circle_8.gif Check Show Invoice Item Details on Statements to provide detailed information from the invoice(s) on the statement.
  • orange_circle_9.gif Choose to sort statements by billing address zip code.
  • orange_circle_10.gif Check options under the Do Not Create Statements heading to customize the selection of which customers receive statements.
  • orange_circle_11.gif Click Print or E-mail.
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