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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Charging Expenses to a Customer

When you make a purchase on behalf of a customer, you need to designate the customer on the bill. Then, when you create an invoice for the customer, you can request that expenses be charged as well as any other items that go on the invoice. You can also select a markup for the expense if you intend to sell this to your customer at a profit.

Designate the Customer When Making a Purchase

  • orange_circle_1.gif Prepare a new bill for a purchase, or open an existing bill.
  • orange_circle_2.gif Enter the customer’s name and, if applicable, a job.
  • orange_circle_3.gif Save the bill.

Place Expenses on a Customer Invoice

  • orange_circle_1.gif Open an invoice form and enter the customer information.
  • orange_circle_2.gif If this pop-up dialog box appears, choose the option to Select the Outstanding Billable Time and Costs to Ad to This Invoice, and then click OK. Note that you can check a box at the bottom of the dialog box if you want to make this your default choice for future invoices that have time or costs assigned to them.
  • orange_circle_3.gif If the pop-up dialog box did not appear, click the Add Time/Costs button.
  • orange_circle_4.gif Click the Expenses tab.
  • orange_circle_5.gif Enter the markup amount or percentage, if applicable.
  • orange_circle_6.gif Verify the account to which the markup should be recorded, if applicable.
  • orange_circle_7.gif Check any item you want to include on this invoice.
  • orange_circle_8.gif Indicate whether the expenses are taxable to the customer.
  • orange_circle_9.gif If you are charging more than one item to the customer and if you want all the items to appear as a single item on the customer invoice, check this box.
  • orange_circle_10.gif Click OK.
  • orange_circle_11.gif Complete the invoice and save it.
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