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Switching Between Normal View, Page Break Preview, and Page Layout View Modes

Three shortcut icons in the status bar allow you to quickly switch between three view modes as shown in Figure 3.14:

Figure 3.14

Figure 3.14 Three view shortcuts appear in the status bar.

  • Normal View—This mode shows worksheet cells as normal.
  • Page Break Preview—This mode draws the page breaks with blue. You can actually drag the page breaks to new locations in Page Break preview. This mode has been available in several versions of Excel.
  • Page Layout View—This is a new view in Excel 2007. It combines the best of Page Break Preview and Print Preview modes.

In Page Layout View mode, each page is shown, along with the margins, header, and footer. A ruler appears above the pages and to the left of the pages. You can make changes in this mode in the following ways:

  1. To change the margins, you drag the gray boxes in the ruler.
  2. To change column widths, you drag the borders of the column headers.
  3. To add a header, you click Click to Add Header.
Figure 3.15

Figure 3.15 The new Page Layout View mode gives a view of page breaks, margins, headers, and footers.

Because it is possible to navigate and enter formulas in any of the view modes, you might want to do actual worksheet editing in the new Page Layout View mode.

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