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Tip #4: Search for Similar Words

Not sure you’re thinking of the right word for a query? Do you worry that some web pages might use alternate words to describe what you’re thinking of?

Fortunately, Google lets you search for similar words—called synonyms—by using the ~ operator. Just include the ~ character before the word in question, and Google will search for all pages that include that word and all appropriate synonyms.

For example, to search for words that are like the word "elderly," enter the query ~elderly. This will find pages that include not just the word "elderly," but also the words "senior," "older," "aged," and so on.

And here’s a bonus tip: To list only synonyms, without returning a ton of matches for the original word, combine the ~ operator with the - operator, like this: ~keyword -keyword. This excludes the original word from the synonymous results. Using the previous example, to list only synonyms for the word "elderly," enter ~elderly -elderly.

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