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2.2 Program Input and the raw_input()Built-in Function

The easiest way to obtain user input from the command line is with the raw_input() built-in function. It reads from standard input and assigns the string value to the variable you designate. You can use the int() built-in function to convert any numeric input string to an integer representation.

>>> user = raw_input('Enter login name: ')
Enter login name: root
>>> print 'Your login is:', user
Your login is: root

The earlier example was strictly for text input. A numeric string input (with conversion to a real integer) example follows below:

>>> num = raw_input('Now enter a number: ')
Now enter a number: 1024
>>> print 'Doubling your number: %d' % (int(num) * 2)
Doubling your number: 2048

The int() function converts the string num to an integer so that the mathematical operation can be performed. See Section 6.5.3 for more information in the raw_input() built-in function.

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