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The wxWidgets library is huge. Describing all the classes would take an entire book, far more space than I can use here. The library is filled with classes for various controls, including toolbars, tree views—you name it. But the library also has some handy container classes and other supporting classes that make programming easier.

The wxWidgets library makes programming GUIs incredibly easy, far easier than with most platform APIs. But the library goes beyond just simplifying GUI programming into making cross-platform programming possible. Although I barely touched on the cross-platform aspects in this article, generally your programs will cross-compile for other platforms with minimal changes, if any.

Further, the wxWidgets library isn’t just for C++. Although the code itself is written in C++, when compiled the resulting library is useful in other languages. For example, a library exists in Python for accessing wxWidgets from your Python code, making GUI programming easy there as well.

If you’re interested in exploring more of wxWidgets, check out the web site, download and compile the library, and start trying out the samples. And, as always, have fun!

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