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Storing and Retrieving Information from the Clipboard

The clipboard is used for everyday copy-and-paste operations. You can use it manually to copy things such as audio clips or just text, as shown in Listing 2. This code example uses My.Computer.Clipboard to store and retrieve information from the clipboard.

Listing 2 Storing and retrieving from the clipboard.

 My.Computer.Clipboard.SetText("Hello, World!")
 Console.WriteLine("From clipboard: " + My.Computer.Clipboard.GetText())
 Console.WriteLine("Press Enter")
 Catch ex As Exception
 Console.WriteLine("Clipboard failed")
 End Try

Notice that I have a Try..Catch block around the clipboard use. I haven’t figured out exactly why, but the clipboard seems prone to persnickety behavior occasionally, and the Try..Catch slows unhandled exceptions.

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