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F: Large Campus? Consider a Low-Power AM Broadcast Station

Issue: Another option for receiving and disseminating information and instructions is a broadcast station. The typical telecommunications department doesn’t have one, so you might be surprised to learn that a low-power radio station (similar to the kind that supplies traffic or airport information) needn’t be cost-prohibitive. They run around $15,000—including the broadcast license. A low-power station broadcasts on a standard AM radio and can be heard for 5–10 miles. This arrangement can be particularly valuable in campus locations, or as a means of getting emergency instructions out to many employees simultaneously. In non-disaster mode, you can use the station to broadcast general items of interest, such as changes in benefit plans or the company’s stock price. This approach will encourage employees to listen regularly. When the time comes to tune in for a disaster, they’ll know where the station is on their dial.

Action: If appropriate, investigate setting up a low-power radio station for your organization. If you go this route, remember that you’ll need staff who know how to run it and have that responsibility assigned in case of emergency.

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