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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Finding Data

1Click in the field, or column, on which you want to search. For example, to search by last name, click anywhere in the Last Name column.

2Open the Edit menu and choose Find.

3The Find and Replace dialog box opens with the Find tab displayed. In the Find What field, type the entry you want to find.

4Optionally, to search the entire table rather than the field you chose in step 1, click the down arrow next to the Look in field and choose the table name from the list that appears.

5Click the down arrow next to the Match field and select Whole Field, Any Part of Field, or Start of Field.

6Click the Find Next button.

7Access locates and selects the record with the first matching entry. If this is not the record you need, click the Find Next button to find the next match and repeat as needed.

8Access notifies you when no more matches are found. Click OK.

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