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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Using the Fill Lock

As you increase the complexity and number of shapes in your movie, it can become tricky to edit each object separately. When using gradient fills on several objects you can choose to span a gradient across several of these objects or give each object its own discreet gradient. The Lock Fill feature allows you to control how a fill is applied, essentially locking its position so that depending on where the shapes are positioned relative to the gradient, the one gradient spans all of the shapes. If you apply the same gradient to multiple shapes with the Fill Lock off, the gradient is applied to each shape independently.

Lock Gradients

  1. Create two simple shapes using the Rectangle or Oval tool.
  2. Select the first shape on the Stage with the Arrow Selection tool.
  3. Click the Paint Bucket tool in the Toolbar.

    TIMESAVER Press K to select the Paint Bucket Tool.

  4. Click the Lock Fill button in the Options area of the Toolbar.
  5. Select a Gradient from the Colors area of the Toolbar or use the Color Mixer or Property Inspector.
  6. Click the Eyedropper tool in the Toolbar, and then click on the gradient fill in the first shape.
  7. Click down on the second shape to add the gradient fill.
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