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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Working with Guides, Grid & Slices

The Guides, Grid & Slices preferences help keep a multi-layered document in proper order. For example, lining up buttons on a Web interface, or making sure specific design elements are exactly in place within the document window. The Guides option lets you select the color and style of the guides placed within a Photoshop document. Guides are placed within the image by dragging them from the horizontal or vertical Ruler bars in the active document. The Grid options let you decide on a color, style, and layout for Photoshop's grid system. The Slices option defines the visible color of a slice, and whether Photoshop displays a number value for each slice.

Work with Guides, Grid & Slices Options

oneyellow_icon.jpg Click the Edit (Win) or Photoshop (Mac) menu, and then point to Preferences.
twoyellow_icon.jpg Click Guides, Grid & Slices.
threeyellow_icon.jpg Select the Guides options you want to use:
  • Color. Select a default color for displaying guides.

  • Style. Select a default (Lines or Dashed) for displaying guidelines.

fouryellow_icon.jpg Select the Smart Guide options you want to use:
  • Color. Chose a color for use with Smart Guides (new.jpg).

fiveyellow_icon.jpg Select the Grid options you want to use:
  • Color. Select a default color for displaying grids.

  • Style. Select a default style (Lines, Dashed Lines, or Dots) for displaying the grid.

  • Gridline Every. Enter a value for how often the grid lines appear within the active document.

  • Subdivisions. Enter a value for how many subdivisions (lines) appear between each main gridline.

sixyellow_icon.jpg Select the Slices options you want to use:
  • Line Color. Select a default line color for displaying document slices.

  • Show Slice Numbers. Select the check box to display a number for each slice in the upper-left corner of the slice.

IMPORTANT When you select a line color, choose a color that is different than the guide and grid line colors. That way you can easily identify grids and guides for user-created lines.

sevenyellow_icon.jpg Click OK.
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