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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Snipe to Win

Experienced eBay bidders know that the best way to guarantee a successful bid is to snipe. Sniping happens when you hold your bidding until the final seconds of an auction. By swooping in at the very last moment with your high bid, you don’t leave any time for other bidders to respond. Plus, you haven’t bid up the price over the course of the auction!


1.gif Identify the item you want to buy—and then don’t bid! Instead, put the item on your watch list and make a note of the closing day and time.

2.gif Five minutes before the close of the auction, make sure you’re logged on to the Internet, and access the auction in question.

3.gif Open a second browser window to the auction in question.

4.gif In your first browser window, enter your maximum bid.

5.gif Click the Place Bid button.

6.gif When the confirmation screen appears, don’t confirm your bid yet; leave the confirmation screen open.

7.gif In your second browser window, click the Refresh or Reload button to update the official auction time. Keep doing this until the time remaining until close is 60 seconds.

8.gif Use a stopwatch or clock to count down until there are only 10 seconds left in the auction.

9.gif When exactly 10 seconds are left in the auction, click the Confirm Bid button in your first browser window to send your bid. If your snipe was successful, you should be the winner!


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