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Editing Worksheets

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Inserting and Deleting Columns

You can insert extra columns into a worksheet to make room for more data or formulas. Adding more columns, which gives the appearance of adding space between columns, can also make the worksheet easier to read. Alternatively, you might want to delete columns from a worksheet to close up some empty space or remove unwanted information.


1.gif After you click a cell to the left of which you want to add a column, open the Insert menu and choose Columns.

2.gif A new column is inserted (notice the Insert Options Format Painter smart tag, which allows you to format the column like the one to its left, to its right, or to apply no formatting).

3.gif To delete a column, right-click the column heading of the column you want to delete, and choose Delete from the shortcut menu that appears.

4.gif The column is deleted.


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