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Editing Worksheets

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Checking Spelling

If your worksheet is for your eyes only, you might not think that misspellings are a big deal. But if you plan to turn over your worksheet to your manager, she might not think the mistakes are so minor. Fortunately, you can use Excel to check your spelling quickly and easily.


1.gif Click the Spelling button on the Standard toolbar. The Spelling dialog box opens, displaying the first spelling error it finds.

2.gif If the correct spelling of the word appears in the Suggestions list, click the word. If the correct spelling isn’t listed, type the correction directly in the Not in Dictionary box.

3.gif Click Change to change only this instance of the word, or Change All to correct all instances in the workbook. Excel makes the change, and flags the next word.

4.gif If the word flagged by Excel is not misspelled (for example, it’s a proper name), click Ignore Once to ignore this instance or Ignore All to ignore it throughout.

5.gif If you started the spelling check in the middle of the workbook, Excel checks until it reaches the end. If you want to continue checking from the beginning, click Yes.

6.gif As Excel continues locating spelling errors, change or ignore them as needed. Excel notifies you when all inaccuracies have been reviewed; click OK.


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