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Editing Worksheets

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Tracking Changes

Suppose you’re working on a team project, and each member has access to the same workbook. To keep track of who makes what changes to the workbook, you can use Excel’s Track Changes feature; that way, each person’s edits appear in a different color. An edit can be changing the current information or adding completely new information to the workbook. (The only time the colors won’t be different is when two people use the same computer or user information–such as login or password.)


1.gif Open the Tools menu, choose Track Changes, and select Highlight Changes to open the Highlight Changes dialog box.

2.gif Click the Track Changes While Editing. This Also Shares Your Workbook checkbox to select it.

3.gif The Highlight Which Changes options become available; click OK to accept the default change options.

4.gif Excel notifies you that the workbook will be saved; click OK. The workbook is now shared, with Track Changes enabled.

5.gif Type a change in a cell and press Enter. The upper-left corner of the cell now contains a Track Changes marker, and a colored border.

6.gif Move the mouse pointer over the revised cell. A ScreenTip appears, showing the change that was made, who made the change, and when.


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