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Editing Worksheets

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Replacing Data

Suppose you discover that you consistently misspelled a company’s name in your worksheet, or that a person you reference in several cells has gotten married and changed her name. Fortunately, Excel enables you to search for instances of incorrect or outdated data and replace it with new data using its Find and Replace feature.


1.gif Open the Edit menu and choose Replace. The Find and Replace dialog box opens with the Replace tab displayed.

2.gif In the Find what text box, type the data you would like to find. Press the Tab key to move the cursor to the Replace with text box, and type the replacement data.

3.gif Click Replace All to replace all instances of the data you typed. (Or, click Find Next to find the first instance of the data, and click Replace to replace it.)

4.gif Excel notifies you of the number of replacements it made; click OK. When you’re done using the Find and Replace dialog box, click its Close button to close it.


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