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Maximizing Space for the Source Editor

There are a number of things you can do to make more space for your code in the IDE, such as:

  • Maximize a file in the Source Editor within the IDE by double-clicking that file's tab. When you do this, the file takes the entire space of the IDE except for the main menu and row of toolbars. You can make the other windows reappear as they were by double-clicking the tab again.
  • Make other windows "sliding" so that they appear only when you click or mouse over a button representing that window on one of the edges of the IDE. You can make a window sliding by clicking its keegan_02_xppinfocsdnw.jpg icon. You can return the window to its normal display by clicking the keegan_05_06.jpg button within the sliding window. See Managing IDE Windows in Chapter 2 for information on working with windows in the IDE.
  • Hide the IDE's toolbars. You can toggle the display of the main toolbars by choosing View | Toolbars and then individually choosing the toolbars that you want to hide (or display). You can toggle the display of the Source Editor's toolbar by choosing View | Show Editor Toolbar.
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