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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Processing Logged IP Addresses

   $ logresolve < access_log > resolved_log

Setting HostNameLookups to on can have an impact on the server's performance, slowing its response time. To avoid using this directive setting, it is possible to disable name resolution and use a separate post-processing utility that can scan the log files and replace the IP addresses with host names. These tools are more efficient because they can cache results and they do not cause any delay when serving requests to clients.

Apache includes one such tool, logresolve (logresolve.exe in Windows). It reads log entries from standard input and outputs the result to its standard output. To read to and from a file, you can use redirection, on both Unix and Windows, as shown in the example.

You should bear in mind that the result of an IP address resolution result will not always correspond to the real hostname that sent the request. For example, if there is a proxy or gateway between the client and the web server, the IP address reported by HostNameLookups or logresolve will be the IP address of the proxy or gateway and you will get the hostname of the proxy server or the IP block managed by the gateway, rather than the name of an actual host.

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