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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

16 Log On to Windows


11.gif Create a User Account

When you have multiple user accounts on a Windows system, a Welcome screen appears after the system boots. Select a user account picture to log that user on to the system. If the account is password protected, the user must enter the password for that account to complete the logon process.

1.gif Select a User Account

Boot your system. At the Welcome screen, click the picture of the account you want to log on to.

2.gif View Password Hint

If the selected account has an associated password and you want to view the password hint for the password, click the user account picture. Then click the question-mark icon to the right of the password text box. The hint for your password appears.

3.gif Enter Password and Log On

Type the password for the user account in the password text box and press Enter. Windows verifies the password and then logs you on to the system.

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