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Negative Points

There are several problems with the Scooba. The following lists the issues I have noticed or learned about:

  • The tanks sometimes leak, and always on the same side (left).
  • The water pickup system is not really that great. You will probably have a wet floor when done.
  • There are sensors to detect the cleaning solution (as I understand it). However, you can bypass this with vinegar.
  • If you put the scrubber in the dishwasher, as early instructions suggest, your scrubber plastic will warp. This misleading advice has been taken out of the instructions.
  • The darn thing will not work if any of the sensors detect something wrong. For example, the magnets sometimes fall out of the scrubber assembly. As a result, you would have to buy a whole new assembly to have an operating system.
  • You must take great care of the device or it will die. This includes lots of cleaning and pampering.

However, I must point out that iRobot support is great (as I experienced it)! They are very quick to assist and help you out, including sending you a replacement device. Now I am not saying they will fix everything for free, but you should give them a call to find out what is wrong and if it is an established problem before kicking and/or beating your Scooba into submission.

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