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How Does It Work?

The Scooba is loaded with little components that make sure everything works correctly. First, the bumper assembly actually contains three pieces of technology. The first is the sensor that sticks out above the rest of the device. This piece detects infrared light, which is emitted by the "Wall" included with the package. This helps to keep the Scooba in, or out of, a specific area.

Second, the bumper also houses the edge sensors, which are nothing more than infrared emitter/receivers that detect an edge when light is not reflected off the floor. There are three of these: one in the middle, and one on each side of the device.

Finally, the bumper also must detect when it hits a wall. This is done via small button switches that are located on either side of the Scooba. The rocker arms ensure any pressure on the bumper will be directed to one or both of these switches.

When the Scooba is turned on, it does a system check. This basically consists of making sure the tank, wheels, and scrubbing assembly are all in position. This is done via a series of magnets and detectors that are located throughout the device. Figure 12 shows you where a few of these sensors are located. As long as a magnet is near, the sensor will allow the Scooba to move.

Figure 12

Figure 12 Sensor locations.

Once the Scooba does start moving, it checks the edge sensors and then starts moving in an outward circle, and finally takes off to find the closest wall/obstacle. All throughout this operation, the Scooba is monitoring the sensors to be sure nothing is wrong. If the water runs out or battery is too low, it will stop and beep to get your attention.

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