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LittleWiki is a small and (once you get going) simple wiki that enables you to create a nice-looking wiki quickly and with minimal effort. The interface is rather spare, with the text of each wiki page dead center on the screen, and a set of frequently used functions (edit, add comments, view history, and log out) above and below the text.

Although LittleWiki can be used by groups of people, it’s really a tool for 1–3 people. It’s great for small projects or for personal use. Some of the tasks for which people have used LittleWiki include to-do lists, simple personal or family web sites, personal information management, and collaborating on writing or school projects.

One attractive feature is that you don’t have to use wiki markup to format your pages. LittleWiki has a word processor–like editor that gives you one-click access to all formatting. You can add graphics or create headings, lists, tables, and links to other wiki pages and web sites simply by highlighting text and clicking a button (see Figure 2). If you want to go "old school," you can switch to the plain text editor, which allows you to add wiki markup by hand.

Figure 2

Figure 2 Editing a page in LittleWiki.

As with other wikis, users can add comments to wiki pages and be notified of changes to the pages via email. You can also upload files to the wiki. This is useful when collaborating on a project; files are shared in a central location, and they’re easy to get at if you misplace them on your computer.

I have to admit that I had trouble initially figuring out how to create a new page in LittleWiki. After dipping into the online help, I learned that to create a new wiki page you must add User:username to the URL in the address bar and press Enter. Here’s an example of the URL you’ll use:


Then you can start editing a new, blank page. This method makes the page available for everyone to see, however. To make the page private, you have to add User:username:page_name to the URL, like this:

http://www.littlewiki.com/wiki/User:jsmith:Home Page

While I found LittleWiki easy to use, it’s limited when compared to the other wikis discussed in this article. It’s best for smaller projects or if your needs are simple. On the other hand, LittleWiki is free and has some nice features that are lacking in other wikis.

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