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Fit the Process to the Project

Instrumenting daily activities and automatically collecting data make it much easier to follow a consistent software process. Team System automates the process guidance and instruments the process so that most of the overhead associated with process and most of the resistance to compliance are eliminated.

However, this quickly exposes a valid concern, which is that no one process fits all software projects, even within one organization. Regulatory environment, business risk, business upside, technology risk, team skills, geographic distribution, and project size all play a role in determining the right fit of a process to a project.

Team System takes the diversity of process into account, enabling the project team to choose or adapt its methodology for contextual realities. When you start a team project in VSTS, you pick a process template, as shown in Figure 1.14. In effect, you can choose and customize the process further for each project, determining not only guidance but also workflow, policies, templates, reports, and permissions.

Figure 1.14

Figure 1.14 When you start a Team Project, your first choice is which "Process Template" to apply for the project. The Process Template defines the process guidance web site, the work item types and their workflow, starter work items, the security groups and permissions, and reports and templates for work products.

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