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4. No Attachments or Links in Outlook Email

Another thing Office "decided" for you recently was that you need to be protected from Outlook email attachments.

It wasn’t enough that half the people I knew couldn’t open an attachment to begin with—it either didn’t have a file extension that was visible (Windows was protecting us again) or they didn’t have the right program to do the job.

Now they finally figured out how to open the attachments, and Outlook won’t let them!

Not only that, the nice HTML formatted email sometimes doesn’t let the links be active—so what’s the point of getting email formatted for the web?

In these cases, you need to know to right-click at the top of the email window and enable the features that you have waited for so long: useful email links and attachments that you are expecting and need to use.

In many cases, of course, the most dangerous attachments from which we need to be protected are...Microsoft Office documents like Word files or Excel spreadsheets, which have dangerous code...

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