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Using PSPWare to Downsize Your Video and Synchronize It To Your PSP

First off, go ahead and launch PSPWare from your Start menu. After doing this, you should be presented with a screen similar to Figure 5.

Figure 5

Figure 5 Starting Up PSPWare

Before converting a file for playback on your PSP, you can set options for your desired video quality and size by clicking the Options... button to enter the Movies Options screen (as shown in Figure 6). In this screen, you can also set the desired audio quality of the files that will be put onto your handheld. You should play around with these values to see what fits your fancy.

Figure 6

Figure 6 Using the Movie Options Screen to Specify Video and Audio Quality

After choosing your desired audio and video quality, click the Plus button as depicted in Figure 5 and then use the Open window to navigate to the MPEG file that you created earlier with DVRMSToolbox (in my case, ancient.mpg). See this in action in Figure 7.

Figure 7

Figure 7 Choosing the MPG file Your Converted Earlier Using DVRMStoMPEGGUI.

Upon opening the file, the conversion process will begin automatically, as shown in Figure 8:

Figure 8

Figure 8 PSPWare Shown Converting an MPG File

When the conversion process is done, go ahead and connect your PSP handheld to the Media Center PC via your USB cable. You should see the PSPWare screen change in order to report the available space on your PSP's memory stick (as shown in Figure 9).

Make sure that both option "Sync the flowing checked movies to the PSP," as well as the checkbox next to the movie you just converted are checked and then click the Sync Now button as shown in Figure 9:

Figure 9

Figure 9 Pressing the Sync Now Button After Hooking Up Your PSP to Your PC

After the synchronization process is complete, PSPWare should report "Sync Successful" as shown in Figure 10.

Figure 10

Figure 10 PSPWare Reporting a Successful Sync

Believe it or not, you're done—and you're ready to watch the TV show that you've recorded via Media Center on your PSP.

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