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My Repeating Table Headings Disappear

When a Word table spans two or more pages, you often want the table headings, which identify the data in each column, to repeat at the top of each page. Word has a command—Heading Rows Repeat—that does this automatically. But sometimes you might find that the repeated headings don’t work; they are not present on all following pages. What gives?

The reason is almost always that someone has inserted a page break in the table, which actually breaks the table into two tables. Because the second table is independent now, it no longer is subject to the repeating heading rows that were defined for the first table. Other aspects of table formatting can be lost after the page break as well.

The solution is to let Word manage page breaks within a table. Although it might seem easier to put them in where needed, that usually causes problems down the road. You can have some control over where Word inserts these automatic page breaks with the Allow Row To Break Across Pages option, found on the Row tab in the Table Properties dialog box. If this option is set for a row, Word will, if needed, break the row so that the first part of the row is at the bottom of one page, and the second part of the row is at the top of the next page (this is applicable only to rows with more than one line of text, of course). If the option is cleared, Word will place the page break before the row so that the entire row moves to the next page.

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