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10 Things I Hate About U(NIX) Revisited: Readers Speak

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After receiving several comments (and insults) to his November 2005 article on hating UNIX, David Chisnall offers his responses and further insight on his continuing disdain for UNIX.
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My recent article entitled "10 Things I Hate About U(NIX)" provoked a number of comments, questions, and insults. I have tried to address some of them here.

1. You’re really a Microsoft shill, aren’t you?

No. I haven’t used a Microsoft operating system for two years with the exception of a small Windows partition I keep around on my ThinkPad for the occasional game. The only Microsoft product I routinely use is Microsoft VirtualPC, and that’s a version that pre-dates the company’s purchase of Connectix with an update that replaced the original branding with Microsoft logs. It is a constant source of amusement to me that the software gives all Windows executables a Microsoft logo, so whenever I receive an email virus I can tell instantly from the Windows icon it acquires.

The operating systems I use on a daily basis are Mac OS X, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, and Linux. Of these, OpenBSD is probably my favorite; it has first-rate documentation and a clear and consistent layout. Oh, and decent security, too.

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